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October 2013 Issue of Your Health of IMA

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Knowledge alone can conquer cancer


The human Body is made up of aggregation of millions of cells, the nucleus of which contains genes that controls the activities of the cells. Normally by the process of cell growth, healthy new cells replace the old inactive cells. In due courses certain genes of the cells can turned on in a few cells and turned off in the others by the process of mutation. Cancer or abnormal growth of cells occurs as a result of mutation in the genes responsible for the regulation of growth of cells leading to failure in keeping them healthy. Breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of Duct cells. Tumor can be benign that is noninvasive and harmless. Vis-a-vis Mallignant tumor which has tendency to invade surrounding structures and can spread to distant organs (metastasis).

95% of Breast cancer are usually arising from ductal epithelial cells and remaining 5% can arise from fat cells, stroma, muscles or vessels of breast tissues. Breast cancer has four stages. In first stage more than 95% of patients can be cured along with breast
conversation. In stage four we can only palliate the symptoms of disease. So simple awareness we can detect breast cancer early with huge chance of cure.
The reasons behind the Breast Cancer are genetic abnormality. The Data’s which have been collected so far that only 5% of the cancers that are due to genetic abnormality is inherited from the predecessors. The rests are due to the abnormalities that happen as a
result of western life style and aging process. Cancer is not the sin, but is only the science.

  • Simple tips to prevent breast cancer are :
  • Having ideal body weight
  • Regular exercise
  • Timely child birth
  • Breast feeding
  • Regular breast self examination etc.

Please try to understand about the fact or reason behind it and to take the steps to help the body stay as healthy as possible and lower the risk of Breast Cancer and breast cancer is the most common female cancer in urban city worldwide. It not only effects female in turn full family shatters down.

Breast Cancer commonly occurs in the women but 1%of all breast cancer can happen in men.

So, please change your life-style, join the fight – one step at a time.
“Cancer is A Word, Not a Sentence”
“Early Detection Saves Lives”.
“Together we can hope”

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June 2013 issue of Your Health of IMA

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May 2013 Issue of Your Health of IMA

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April 2013 Issue of Your Health of IMA

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Anemia effects an estimated two billion people worldwide, mostly due to iron deficiency. about 27% of adolescents      are estimated to be anemic  in developing  countries compared to 6% in developed countries. Adolescence is an  opportunity time for interventions to address anemia. Continue reading

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